Sections at JCB Lakeside Club



Sunday Section

There will be two JCB teams playing in the 2016/17 Uttoxeter Sunday League. Uttoxeter Dominoes JCB will be playing in the first division with JCB Lakeside playing in Division two.
JCB Lakeside are having a good season in the league and are lying near the top of the division.
Dominoes' fortunes are not so good and they are currently sat at the bottom of the division. The team is also on the lookout for new players. Refer to the Facebook page Uttoxeter Dominoes JCB for more details or to message.

Junior Football
The juniors recently returned from a tournament in Blackpool having won a shield for their efforts.
We look forward to another successful season in the 2015/2016 league.


The JCB Bowling Club, which was formed in 1981, has excellent facilities with an enclosed full size crown green and pavilion. The green is also floodlit which gives the Club the opportunity to extend the playing season. Members maintain the green and surrounding enclosed areas with neatly laid-out planted areas.

Two teams have been playing in the Uttoxeter Saturday League and one in the Uttoxeter Over 55's League.


The Club has a number of well-stocked waters, which include the JCB North and South Lakes[SEE NOTE BELOW DATED 14/4/17] in Rocester and pools at the Cheadle and World Parts sites. There are also some stretches of rivers Dove and Churnet which the Club has access to.

For details of membership contact Bob Stanton on 07733214023.
Fees for 2017 remain unchanged.
Employees and immediate family members £35
Juniors up to and including 15 years of age £8.00.
Intermediate 16 to 18 years of age £20
Associate members £85 the first year and £60 thereafter.
Pensioner Associate members £35 after 5 years full membership.
Also Associates have to join the JCB Lakeside Club, fees. £10.00 for single persons and £18 for couples.
Membership runs from 1st Jan to 31st Dec

Worldparts pool.All pegs have now been installed. Park in employee/visitor car park and members must report to Security at the gatehouse where you will be required to show your membership book prior to fishing.

During factory working hours members must park in employees' car parks and proceed to gatehouse with their membership book to check in. Access to pool is then on foot - high viz must be worn while walking down [if possible provide your own as gatehouse supplies are limited].
Outside of working hours members will normally be allowed to drive down to pool after checking in at gatehouse but parking or driving on grass is no longer permitted .#See additional restrictions dated 13/6/17 below#

WOODSEAT. Fishing is NOT currently permitted on this pool.

14/4/17. SOUTH LAKE. With effect from today members can fish South Lake again. Fishing is restricted to the playing field end and the main road side as far as Harry Hedge's cottage. Fencing is being installed at each end & there is strictly no fishing outside of the above designated area. All members fishing must first report to Security opposite JCB Club. For disabled anglers Security will open gate in staff car park to allow them access to parking area adjacent to jetty. For other members Security will raise barrier to staff car park if there is room otherwise they should park in JCB Club. It is vital that members conform to the above conditions on every visit to ensure we retain the fishing here.

13/6/17 - Cheadle Pool.As a result of a safety review the company have instigated the following with immediate effect:
1/Children [who as always must be accompanied by an adult] will only be permitted access to the site if they are actually fishing.There have been reports of parents fishing & their children roving around the site & on the road.
2/On Saturday mornings anglers will not be allowed to take their cars lakeside until after 10am when machine testing has finished.

20/6/17 NORTH LAKE STOCKING. 500lbs of carp averaging 2lbs and 1000 barbel averaging 9ins have recently be added to this lake.


NETBALL LEAGUES - Check out the progress of the leagues on Facebook - JCB Lakeside Netball League. The winter league is in progress but some games have been cancelled due to poor court conditions.


We would be interested to hear from members who play pool with the possibility of entering a team in a local league, contact Chris or Sharon if you are interested.


One team will be competing again this coming season in the Dove Valley Billiards League.

TABLES - It is essential members using the tables take care when cuing to ensure no damage is caused to the material. Regular checks will be carried out where damage is noted CCTV checks will be made in an attempt to establish the guilty party. Appropriate action will be taken and a ban from future use of the tables will be enforced.


DARTS - Two teams are currently playing in the Uttoxeter Monday night league - JCB A in Div 1 and JCB B in Div 2.
JCB is lying at the top of their division but JCB B are struggling a little at the moment.

One team is playing on Wednesdays in the Alton and District League. League position is not available at this time.
Bowling green and pavilion
Bowling green and pavilion
South Lake across sports ground
South Lake across sports ground